Awaken Your Inner Whole Woman

How Yoga Heals

June 03, 2022 Awaken Your Inner Whole Woman
Awaken Your Inner Whole Woman
How Yoga Heals
Show Notes

Yoga has the power to heal and transform your life. In today's episode, our guest, Kena Hodges, shares her personal story of how yoga found her and the transformational journey she started years ago. We share about the power of yoga and the unbelievable connections she has had with herself, others and God. If you are looking to heal and transform your life, this is the episode you don't want to miss. 

Kena is a holistic life coach, yoga teacher, group fitness instructor, and personal trainer. She is a mom, a plant-based nutritionist, Reiki healer, Intuitive, and Mindset & Manifestation coach. 

Social Media:

IG: @kena_unmasked

FB: @officialKenaHodges


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