Awaken Your Inner Whole Woman

Finding Joy While Living With Chronic Pain

July 19, 2023 Awaken Your Inner Whole Woman Episode 58
Awaken Your Inner Whole Woman
Finding Joy While Living With Chronic Pain
Show Notes

In today's episode, Natolie has a candid conversation with Sharmela Christmon. We talk about all things ranging from chronic illness, to the power of movement, advocate for your health, overcoming challenges, living in your purpose, and finding your joy. Come be inspired, informed and motivated to take charge of your life.

Sharmela (Certified Life & Career Coach, Strategist, and CPT-AMFPT) is a suicide attempt survivor and advocate of all thing's mental health & chronic pain. She battles daily with an adipose tissue disease called Lipedema, and Fibromyalgia. In coaching sessions with her clients, her focus is strategic planning and business development. She enjoys working with corporate businesses and business owners who desire rebranding & strategy on the healthiest ways to build their business, while establishing healthier habits & boundaries in their personal lives. She loves to help others and enjoys serving through random acts of kindness. She is an avid manga reader that loves to watch anime and spend her moments of leisure gaming, or with her family.

She provides CONTENT + CONFIDENCE & STRATEGY! All while connecting you to your Vision and Purpose!! 

Follow her on IG: @Sugoichan
TikTok: @christmon

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